The Collingwood Children’s Farm offers an educational, interactive farm experience for all age groups and school levels.

School Tours

A farm tour begins at 10 am and lasts for approximately two to two and a half hours. Afternoon tours can be arranged by appointment.

With trained staff leading the tour, children can meet, feed and touch a variety of farm animals while learning how to safely interact with them.

We have four different educational programs:

Meet and Greet: an ideal introduction to the farm for kinder and preps, or children who are not familiar with animals.

Using their five senses, students get up close and personal with the animals while focusing on the vocabulary used for animals, what animals need to live well (such as what they eat, where they live etc), and the differences between farm animals, pets and wild animals. We also cuddle the guinea pigs, everyone’s favourite, and aim to have each child leaving feeling a little more confident with animals.

Paddock to Plate: An excellent excursion for grades 1 and 2s, or children who have visited the farm before.

Where does our food come from?  Which animals give us what?  We focus on the cow milking, sheep producing fibre, pigs and meat, poultry and eggs, and best of all get to collect some food from the veggie garden to take back to school and cook. (seasonal).

Sustainability for Early Primary: Suitable for kinder to grade 2.

We focus on sustainable cycles around the farm, in a hands-on practical visit.  We look at how waste from one system can sustain another.  Students get to feed the animals, collect poo (using gloves and trowels), feed the worms, fertilise the garden, and eat garden produce (seasonal). Please note, two groups of 30 students is the maximum number of groups we can take at one time.

We are currently working with the Wurundjeri Land and Compensation Heritage Council Aborigional Corporation to develop a new Farm Tour!



Our staff can tailor any of these tours to suit your needs.

The farm experience is magical and changes with the seasons. All our animals are bred on site, are happy, healthy and friendly. They love contact with people.

School tours cost $7 per person and that includes students and adults.

We can take no more than 90 students on any day. The maximum we can take around the Farm is three groups of 30 students each.

For more information regarding educational programs at the Collingwood Children’s Farm or to make a booking, please call reception on 9417 5806 or email


Child Safe Policy, Code of Conduct and Procedure

Teachers Resources

Here you can access the Teachers Resources for the 'Meet and Greet' and 'Paddock to Plate' Excursions that provide all the Curriculum Links.

Work Experience and Placements


Students from a variety of different areas can apply for work experience at The Collingwood Children's Farm. We have had placements from a large range of courses including veterinary science, teaching, community development, agricultural science, TAFE animal studies, animal science, children's services, early childhood development studies, education and international development and primary and secondary schools.

There are far more students seeking work experience than we can accommodate or properly train. Because of this we prefer to take on students that are looking to do placements of two or more weeks. We feel that more learning happens after the first week of training and a greater degree of independence can be achieved.

We ask all intending applicants to carefully address:

  • why they would like to do work experience at the Farm

  • what their experience of working with animals is

  • what their understanding of the Collingwood Children's Farm is

Please indicate your available dates in your application. All applicants will be asked to come to the Farm for a Farm tour and interview.

Work experience students assist with a variety of activities tailored to their particular area of study. These can include assisting with animal chores, feeding, housing and handling animals, food production and harvesting, landcare, farm tours, working with groups and special events.

Students are encouraged to shadow farm staff for a while and then when confidence and skills develop they are encouraged to work both independently and as part of a team.

Please email your application to Anita Stec at addressing the questions posed above. Include what you are studying and where, when you are available to do work experience and the duration of time you will be doing work experience. 

Schools using the Farm's Classroom


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