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Waler Horses Anzac Day

The Waler is a rugged breed of horse that was formed in the very early years of Australian Colonial history; possibly with roots stemming as far back as from those horses who first arrived aboard the Lady Penrhyn in January of 1788, along with the First Fleet

During the first world war, over 120,000 Walers were sent abroad to support the Australian war effort.

Angela Tiede will be bringing a couple of her horses to the Farm for you to meet. Jess Liston who is an Equine Assisted Coach at Inner Rhythm will be running a demonstration between 10 and 11am in the Stables Paddock.

‘Horses mirror your energy, leadership, and emotion. They quickly and clearly show you how you operate in your daily life. To spend a day with horses is to learn exactly how the rest of the world experiences you — and how you experience the rest of the world.’


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