What’s New at the Farm?

There is always something new happening down at the Farm


Social Story

In partnership with AMAZE and the City of Yarra, we are proud to present the ‘Social Story’. Social Stories are a social learning tool that supports the safe and meaningful exchange of information between parents, professionals, and people with autism of all ages


Barn Yarns

Although we have already hosted two ‘Barn Yarns’ events, a group is starting to start a food swap. Follow the links below to find out more about the great work carried out by the Collingwood Country Women’s Association, or keep an eye on ‘What On’ for the next event.

Chicks - Whats New - 19.10.18

Spring Babies

Spring is well and truly here and is heralded by our latest arrivals - 3 fluffy Black Orpington chicks.

We also have Anglo-Nubian Goat Kids, Shropshire Lambs, and Berkshire Piglets